About Us

ACL-bagsA third generation family business, we have been passionate about animals and animal welfare since 1922. We treat our customers and their loving feline friends as family.

It is our goal to produce high quality products at the lowest possible price. True to our principles, Amazing Cat Litter is the highest quality, lowest priced silica cat litter in North America.

To treat our passionate customers to the lowest price possible, we keep our marketing budget to a minimum. In-turn we rely on our customer’s to tell their family, friends and colleagues about the benefits of Amazing Cat Litter.

Amazing Cat Litter was created through intense research and development. We continue to rigorously test our product to try and find ways to improve any of it’s already Amazing qualities.

Amazing Cat Litter is the only litter that can instantly remove all moisture from the litter pan and thus remove all odor, bacteria, and be non-tracking on your cat’s paws. We are positive our product is the best litter available and we can’t wait to help more clay and clumping users try Amazing Cat Litter, so tell your family, friends, and colleagues about Amazing Cat Litter!